Family Law


The human beings superlative dwelling to reside in is the home. The enticing feeling of having people that you venerate surround you, and the contentment of assembling together and experiencing those priceless moments that make us who we are today. However, unfortunately occasionally things do not work as planned, or as we desired them to be. For numerous reasons a crack may appear in the family and as a result the family divides into two. Usually it ends with sincere apologies and granting one another our forgiveness, although sometimes our darker side sadly sweeps over us which leads to us to do things that are more malicious than we anticipated. When this happens it has to be dealt with in a cautious and proficient manner.


We ensure that in these circumstances we deal with your case in a very sensitive and constructive manner. You can be assured that you can speak to us with great confidence. In addition to this, you can be guaranteed that we make sure that confidentiality remains between you and the lawyer.


We can offer you an initial consultation, further advice or we can go further and represent you in your case.

Furthermore, we specialize on the following matters:

  • Divorce

  • Separation

  • Money and property

  • Children

  • Domestic abuse

  • Child support